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DVD wrapper Reviews
COST: $24.99

I have seen every rug-making video made over the past 36 years, and if you put them all together they wouldn't hold a candle to this production. The film is a true gem and a terrific boost to our Industry.
Norm Sweeters
Director-Imports Capel, Inc.

“An outstanding and informative journey through the process of handmade rug production. Surely to be a great benefit to the rug industry.”
Peter Woodaman
Rug Insider Magazine

“This is one of the most, if not the most, fantastic rug documentaries ever. A "must see", for anyone considering the acquisition of an Oriental Rug. Five star rated!”

“This film is truly a jewel of our industry.”
Lucille J. Laufer
ORIA (Oriental Rug Importers Association)

“It was our pleasure to host an evening showing of The Colors of India with the Interior Design Community in our city. The response was incredible! I can think of no single, more effective means of communicating our work, purpose and the wonder of oriental carpets than this movie. For twenty years I've worked to convey the romance of weaving to this group. In truth, I have to confess that I don't think they understood until they saw this movie. They're still talking about it. And bringing in clients.

After seeing 'Colors of India' I realized that I have never been fully able to inspire the passion for weaving that I feel. David and Malcolm Samad feel that passion. They have captured it beautifully, packaged it up and made it available to everyone. It's a great work of art and an indispensible tool in fostering enthusiasm for all types of carpet weaving.”
Gary Coles-Christensen, President
Gary Coles-Christensen, Ltd.

“After thirty-eight years in the Oriental rug business and after writing about rugs myself, I still had plenty to learn from this film’s precious footage. This film captures the magic.”
Emmett Eiland, Berkeley CA
Author of ‘Oriental Rugs Today’

“ The film is a wonderful piece and a great legacy to our field. Further, I think it will prove to be a very valuable tool to all in our industry as it both educates consumers on the process behind every rug and resultingly raises the perceived value of hand-knotted rugs as a category - both as art and an investment.”
Mahmud S. Jafri
President , Dover Rug Co

“The movie, “Colors of India”, is one of the best resources for learning about how hand-knotted oriental carpets are woven. The film depicts the incredible amount of time and labor that goes into rug construction. The film is particularly impressive in showing the many different steps that must take place before and after a rug is actually woven on the loom. The weaving process is shown close up, and clarified in a way that is original and educational. Never before has so much data about the rug craft been encapsulated in the film media. I hope it is widely disseminated so the public can begin to appreciate the beautiful, extremely complex, and meticulous art of the carpet.”
J.R. Azizollahoff
Author, “The Illustrated Buyer’s Guide to Oriental Carpets”, and “Oriental Rugs from A to Z”
“The Colors of India" is a contribution of astounding visual appeal and integrity. In this world of "getting" and "spending," no one has ever given so much in telling the story of carpet-making, the oldest art-in-a-craft on earth. We see at close range the human depths of this legacy, the love, the care, the skill, the human genius, it is all here. We watch fingertips spin "straw into gold.”
James Opie
Author, “Tribal Rugs: Nomadic and village Weavings from the Near East and Central Asia”

“An artful salute to the handcrafted tradition of rug weaving.”
Lisa Newsom
Editor-in-Chief, Veranda Magazine


Samad presents, in association with J Cristobel Productions, a Tracey Dunn film, Colors of India, a rug making journey. Executive Producers, David and Malcolm Samad. Written, Directed, Photographed and Edited by Tracey Dunn. Produced by David Samad and Tracey Dunn. Narrated by David Berger. Production Manager (USA), Rao Siriki. Project Coordinator, Thomas F. Eddy. Production Coordinators (USA), Elizabeth Bruno, Kiran Nahar, Vineeta Sharma-Timon. Production Manager (India), Vijay Ananthakrishnan. Music by Ty Burhoe, Damian Draghici, Indian Ocean, Serge Essiambre. NARRATION MASTER TRACK recorded at Riverton Productions, North Hollywood CA, Patrick Flynn, (Engineer). DVD Cover photography by Varum Pardal. DVD & COVER artwork Gloffke Design.