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Olympic Collection

Hand-Knotted Decorative Rugs

Olympic rugs are crafted to look and feel like an antique Persian rug that’s been handed down for generations. From the texture of the wool to the colors chosen, much attention to detail has been put into line of decorative rugs to bring these designs to life.



We are a Leading Producer of Fine Decorative Rugs Catering Exclusively to Samad Dealers and the Design Trade.

Our Rugs

Handmade in India and Nepal With Additional Wilton Loomed Production From Turkey, we offer an extensive selection of Transitional, Modern and Traditional Collections.


Each Samad Rug is meticulously hand-crafted using the best natural materials available including hand-carded wool and hand-spun silk.


New Jersey Showroom visits by appointment or we can refer you to a Samad dealer near you.

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